Automated Border Control eGate

Incheon International Airport decided to deploy solution that could help the immigration process fast and safe,
and chose integrated Two-Step Process for eligibility to passengers and the immigration office.

Equipped with two gates of swing type doors and biometric verification features
the CUBOX ABC eGates are eligible to speed up the immigration process in secure way.

The primary functions of the CUBOX ABC eGates


Airport Passenger Efficient Process

Unlike the legacy airports, deployment of automation at the airports simplifies the whole process upon arrival and depature. CUBOX ABC eGate process the immigration process in less than approximately thirty seconds.


  • Arrive
  • CUBOX ABC eGate
  • Bag Retrieval
  • Custom Inspection


  • Check-in & Bag Drop
  • Security
  • CUBOX ABC eGate
  • Departure

eGate methodology provides much safer and efficient process

Physical Barrier

Access Control

Biometric Identification

Integrated 2-step Process