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Introducing Efficient Automated Immigration Process


Peak times at airports lengthy queues form in the immigration cause inconvenience to not only the passengers but to airlines and immigration office.
Incheon International Airport decided to deploy solution that could help the immigration process fast and safe, and chose integrated Two-Step Process for eligibility to passengers and the immigration office.

Equipped with two gates of swing type doors and biometric verification features the CUBOX ABC eGates are eligible to speed up the immigration process in secure way.

The primary functions of the CUBOX ABC eGates are:

Capture and validation of passport / RFID data

Verification of the passenger with fingerprint/facial biometric data

Transfer and matching with third party data such as customs declaration data

 eGate vs Kiosk

eGate methodology provides much safer and efficient process

eGate Kiosk
Physical Barrier O X
Access Control O X
Biometric Identification O X
Integrated 2-step Process O X

A Timeline of CUBOX Projects


The development of e-immigration system in Mongolia
eGate implementation for Korea Tourism Organization
Integrated border management system implementation for Incheon Airport
Biometric information analysis system implementation for Incheon Airport
Immigration information system and commission business of G4F system maintenance service for Seoul Immigration office


Foreigner fingerprint check system maintenance for Seoul immigration office
eGate implementation at Incheon Airport
eGate implementation for Korea Tourism Organization
Foreign residency management system implementation for Seoul immigration office
Immigration information system and commission business of G4F system maintenance service for Seoul Immigration office
Commission/operation of foreigner fingerprint check system at Incheon Airport
eGate implementation at Incheon Airport

Airport Passenger Efficient Process

Unlike the legacy airports, deployment of automation at the airports simplifies the whole process upon arrival and depature.
CUBOX ABC eGate process the immigration process in less than approximately thirty seconds.


About Incheon Airport

Incheon International Airport has been ranked as number one airport from Airport Service Quality ASQ for nine consecutive years from 2005 to 2014.

One of the seven main fields of evaluation that Airport Council International (ACI) chose is Passport and Visa Evaluation Process upon Arrival and Departure. The World Leading Airport processes over 44,000,000 passengers and 4,500,000 tons cargo per year. With an expectation of growth of passengers Ministry of Justice and Incheon Airport Corporation announced to deployed initial automated border control (ABC) eGate system in 2008.

The Two-Step Process electronic gates equipped with passport reader, finger print scanner, and facial recognition system. Biometric checks and two gates method increased its security level as well as speed of the whole process. The statistics now show average queue for a passenger to clear at Incheon airport is three-times faster (19min at departure, 11min at arrival) than international standard(60 min at departure, 45min at arrival).

Feature List

All features of CUBOX ABC eGates are provided to help faster and safer immigration process However, depend on the status of the airport, all features are optional for activation.

Features Comments Remark
Console Features
Passport scanner Scan and identify passport
Fingerprint scanner Biometric check Process
Optic cameras Biometric check Process Specification may vary
Iris verification algorithm Biometric matching algorithm
Facial verification algorithm Biometric matching algorithm
Features Comments Remark
Unit Description
Swing type gates Two doors deployed
Receipt Printer Provide for another verification
LED Indicator Indicate service availability
12″ Screen Monitors Videos for user instruction Contents may vary
Operational switch Switches to control doors and PC
Features Comments Remark
Passenger Processing & Safety / Security Features
Detect multiple passenger
Left out luggage alert
Emergency automatic gate open